Free and anonymous:
Pro Sentret’s services are free regardless of whether you have the right to healthcare in Norway or not. You can remain anonymous at Pro Sentret, and you do not have to give us your full name. We do however need a name or alias and a birthdate to identify blood and other samples. Everyone that works at Pro Sentret has a duty of confidentiality.

Drop-in and booking:
The health clinic is staffed by experienced nurses and a medical doctor. Click here to see our opening hours. The doctor is here two days a week. The clinic is a drop-in service, but if you want to avoid waiting time you can book an appointment in advance.The appointment will be with one of our nurses. If needed the nurse you are meeting with will book an appointment with the doctor for you. Our goal is to give advice on safer sex as well as other health problems.

In addition to condoms, you can get all other forms of contraception here. We offer information and guidance on various forms of contraception so that you can find the best method for you. We recommend that you use other contraception in addition to condoms when selling sex. If necessary, we have emergency contraceptive pills. 

Pro Sentret offers pregnancy tests and advice on/about pregnancy. If you are pregnant and unsure of what to do, we can provide information, advice and guidance based on your situation. We can also help you contact the hospital to make an appointment for abortion if you want to.

We offer free testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Any treatment you may need is also free. We take blood samples, urine samples and samples from the vagina or penis, throat and anus. We test for HIV, hepatitis (B and C), syphilis, chlamydia, trichomonas and gonorrhea (in addition to mycoplasma if indicated/symptoms). You can read more about the various STIs on Sex og Samfunn's website or talk to one of our nurses.

PEP and PrEP:
PEP and PrEP are HIV prevention medicines that people in the target group can get at Pro Sentret. PEP is medicine you take after you have been in a situation with a high and uncertain risk of infection. Treatment must start no later than 72 hours after the risk of infection, and you must take medication for 30 days. PrEP is medicine you take before, during and after you are in situations where you are at high or uncertain risk of infection. Feel free to come and talk to one of the nurses to get more information about PrEP, PEP and HIV prevention.

Gynecological examination:
Our doctor can carry out gynecological examinations (GU) and take a pap smear. We know that many people, for various reasons, can experience GU as both physically and mentally demanding. It is important to us that you feel safe here and that we do things at your pace.

We offer free Heptatitis B vaccine. At times we've had other vaccines available, such as the flu vaccine or the HPV vaccine. You can get the HPV vaccine from us (prescription and administered), but you have to buy it yourself at the pharmacy. There are a total of three doses, and at the time of writing (November 2022) it costs just over 1,600 NOK per dose. Ask us if you want to know more about our vaccine offer.

If you use syringes, we offer advice and guidance on injection technique and hygiene. We give out clean equipment and pucks for used equipment.

Do you need someone to talk to?
Many may experience challenges related to their own sexuality (also with a permanent partner such as a girl/boyfriend or spouse) when selling or having sold sex. If you have any questions or experience challenges regarding your own sexuality you can talk with us. You can come and talk with us in person or we can call you. 

We have long experience in helping people who experience mental health problems. 

Examples of topics our users may need to talk about are challenges related to sexuality, setting boundaries with customers, pain during intercourse, drug use, problems with erection and desire, questions about sexual identity and gender, stealthing (removing a condom without consent), violence and abuse.

We can provide guidance and are happy to assist in establishing and/or re-establishing contact with the support system.