The health clinic at Pro Sentret offers free medical care for persons who sell, or has sold sex. Our goal is to give advice on safer sex as well as other health problems.
We have vast experiences with giving health services to persons with different backgrounds and we have patients from around 40 countries. Everyone that works at Pro Sentret has a duty of confidentiality.
The health clinic is staffed by experienced nurses and a medical doctor. The clinic is open Monday 12-19 and Tuesday to Friday: 12-15. The doctor is here on Mondays and Thursdays. The clinic is a drop-in service, but if you want to avoid waiting time, you can book an appointment here.

Pro Sentret’s services are free regardless of whether you have the right to healthcare in Norway. You can remain anonymous at Pro Sentret, and do not have to give us your full name. We do however need a name or alias and a birthdate to identify blood and other samples.