Pro Sentret was set up in 1983 as Oslo municipality’s service for persons with experience of selling or trading sex. In 1993, the then Minister of Social Affairs Grethe Knudsen named Pro Sentret a national centre of expertise.The centre is run by Oslo Municipality, and is financed jointly by the central government and the city. Pro Sentret is staffed by professionals from a range of backgrounds. Our services and priorities are based on national and municipal plans relating to prostitution and human trafficking. We shall focus on prevention, promote gender equality and monitor developments in Norway and internationally.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

The quote is from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Pro Sentret think that all work in regards to prostitution must be based on human rights. We want a society that doesn’t stigmatize but show solidarity to persons who sell sex and where no one experience selling sex as their only option.

We are constantly adapting our services to meet the needs of our user group. They include working with individuals long term, providing drop-in healthcare services and doing outreach work. Our social and health services are free to use for everyone in our target group. Read more about our services here.

As a centre of expertise, we provide information and advice throughout Norway on the following areas:

  • the prostitution market, as well as commercial sexual exploitation of minors
  • reasons for entering prostitution, and the potential harmful consequences
  • best practice in healthcare and social work aimed at current and former sex workers

Pro Sentret shall also:

  • provide advice, if requested, to employees in the welfare services
  • deal with enquiries from current and former sex workers
  • assist universities, colleges and other further education establishments with materials and training
  • receive students and interns
  • initiate research
  • prepare documentation
  • provide public information and work to change attitudes.