Practical aid and advice

Pro sentrets social workers gives practical aid and advice via telephone, video calls or face-to-face at the centre. Topics that often come up are challenges related to selling sex, family issues, substance use, mental health, housing and work conditions. If you want, we can assist you with contacting other welfare services, such as health services, child protection services, immigration authorities or the police. You do not need an appointment, but if you want to avoid waiting, you can book an appointment here, or call/e-mail us.

Do you need someone to talk to?

The social workers at Pro Sentret offer counselling to service users, both short and long term. Topics can include challenges related to selling sex, personal finances, mental health issues, expriences of violence and abuse or other traumas. If you have been the victim of physical or sexual violance, we can aid you in contacting medical services or the Police if you so wish. 

The day centre

A social worker gives dinner to a service user

The day centre is staffed on Mondays 12:00-19:00. The day centre has computers with internet access and a phone. When the day centre is staffed, we serve a warm dinner to our service users. You do not need to be clean from drugs or alcohol when you come to the day centre, but you are not allowed to use substances on our premises.