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Everyone that works at Pro Sentret has a duty of confidentiality, including the lawyers. You can be anonymous and the service it completly free for our service users. The main priority is to help victims of physical and/or sexual violence, exploitation or abuse. Both lawyers, Camilla and Maja work as legal aid lawyers and therefore very familiar with these topics. 

For example, someone who is considering reporting an incident of violence may want to talk with a lawyer first because they have questions about the process that they want answers to before they go any further with the report. We want to help ensure that you know your rights and options so that you can make an informed decision. What you choose to do is entirely up to you.

Everyone who works at Pro Sentret has a duty of confidentiality. 

Pro Sentret’s other employees can also provide advice and guidance in a number of other areas such as the social security system, benefits, divorce, tax and rent. We can help you if you have dealings with the child welfare authorities or NAV, the health service or the immigration authorities. 

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